Welcome to my website and thank you for visiting. I hope you enjoy browsing through the broad range of works. It is still a work in progress but nevertheless one which has been growing little by little with each evolving new project.

I am at last beginning to add more short stories to each of my pieces, to give you a little insight and perhaps even inspiration.

Since art is subjective, each piece will speak differently to each viewer.
It may be that you don't particularly want to know what's 'behind' the creation of one of these paintings. However you prefer to view them, is of course up to you and must please you accordingly. 

If you would like to see photographs of painting that have been framed - to see them in their frame against a backdrop - please do give me your feedback and wishes.

To access all paintings, do click on the 'load more' link each time you get to the bottom of the page, as there is quite a broad range.

If you have any questions or you just want to share your thoughts about what you see, please get in touch by either calling me on +44 7747 011522 or emailing me at info@suzanatai. I am always open to listen.

If you like my style but don't see what you would like to have in your environment - then let's talk about a commission. You may be pleasantly surprised! Something you won't see on this website are samples of murals - but that's another one of my projects that is evolving! :-)

I look forward to hearing from you."

Suzan Atai




A little history...

In her 'non-artist' life, she is known as Susanne Wiechert, Empowerment and Resilience Coach in her business EnergiZeMe Limited, which focuses on helping people to transform their health both physically and mentally through nutrition, energy medicine,coaching and these days...creative expression too! 

It was a surprise to Susanne herself to find just three years ago, that freestyle painting would emerge out of the ashes of self-healing!  Whilst having dabbled in the past with water colours now and again to produce a few paintings of wild flowers as gifts to loved ones or friends, it had never occurred to her that there may be new creative development in this field for her.

It seems though, that her energy therapy work took on a new dimension, as after a succession of several extreme personal upheavals, the ‘universal life-force energy’ began to work through her in new and mysterious ways. Initially triggered by emotion during an ‘episode’ of having a de-clutter of her office, it all started with finding an old picture of praying hands with the words “Let go, let God” which followed with a vision of an artistic interpretation of it. And so began the new journey and exploration into vibrant colours in acrylics on canvas or board and from there, further life-transforming offerings!

As a Reiki Master too, the ‘universal life-force energy’ flows through her for the creation of paintings that emit positive and strengthening energy and bring about harmony, balance, connection and inspiration. Suzan paints mostly in meditative state to enriching and inspirational healing, energy music.

The range of style is broad – much of what evolves through the application of the paint, translates itself into landscapes, whilst other pieces remain abstract.  Whether painted by brush or only with fingers, most of the paintings exude bright, lustrous and radiant colours, including metallic…others saturated in blues and greens (her favourite colours) and some of a slightly mysterious style.

A ‘vision’ may not always be seen ahead of time…yet it emerges through the intuitive direction she feels guided by.

What about the watercolour flowers?  Well they still emerge too but are of a more traditional style; precise, delicate, yet with depth and sometimes quite striking. The medium here: Designers Goauche on artist’s watercolour paper.

If you are confused by the whole name 'thing'…she has always signed her paintings in her maiden name. So whilst in her mainstream vocation and personal life, she is known as Susanne Wiechert….she prefers to revert back to her original identity for her art and out of Suzan Atai, was born SuzanA for her brandname!

Because health and making a positive impact in people’s lives has always been the prominent focus, Suzan has found a way to combine both of her passions now in the form of a series of workshops of creative expression with neuroscience and meditation.

With this in mind, SuzanA Intuitive, Visionary Art is part and parcel of  EnergiZeMe Limited as even the paintings themselves can be part of a therapy as they have healing properties within them.

More information on the workshops and programmes can be found at www.energizeme.co.uk



--- Past events ---


Start Date: 22nd Jul 2017

End Date:  23rd Jul 2017

Location:   Chelsea Town Hall King's Road London SW3 5EE

Opening times:  11am - 5pm each day.

Entrance:  FREE (but ticketed)

With 16,000 visitors, 200 independent exhibitors (from around the world) and often 6000 products on display,
Parallax ‘Art’ Fair is the most popular fair of its kind in London today.
SuzanA Intuitive, Visionary Art will be on display and for sale amongst this wonderful collection.

For more information or to reserve tickets, visit the website by clicking on this link: http://parallaxaf.co/ 



The 9th Mentmore Arts Festival was held earlier in the year,
open each day from 11am to 5pm. 

SuzanA Intuitive, Visionary Art was amongst over 60 artists supporting the event in aid of the local Air Ambulance Charity and also the Young Carers Bucks, Charity.

Join us next year:  The 10th Mentmore Arts Festival will be held from Saturday 26th to Monday 28th May 2018 from 11.00 am to 5.00 pm. Learn more here: 



This was an event held at Amersham Auction Rooms that had been hosted by
Mimi Harker Obe of Chiltern District Council in aid of Dreamflight Children's Charity.
Local artists exhibited their works and donated 30% of all sales made to the Charity.

Dreamflight is a UK charity that changes young lives through taking children with a serious illness or disability, without their parents, on the holiday of a lifetime to Orlando, Florida. 


An event all about wellbeing – as the title suggests, bringing the best of Enfield’s therapists, coaches and healers together on one day, as well as stallholders with all sorts of products that promote good health in one way or another. A day where the public could meet, talk to wellbeing providers and sample what was on offer.

So why SuzanA intuitive, visionary art?  Because it’s all about the energy!  ‘Universal life-force energy through colour.’ A show of paintings that emit positive and strengthening energy and bring about harmony, balance, connection and inspiration.

Originals, signed limited edition prints with certificates of authenticity and greetings cards were on show and for sale.

In addition to other holistic healers who were a part of this event, many members of the public noticed the energy – some, deliberately standing in front of specific works, to benefit from the positive flow! How so? Susanne’s main line of business is in transformational health and life coaching (EnergiZe) and as a Reiki Master also, the universal life-force flows through her as she paints in meditative state to enriching and inspirational healing, energy music.

Examples of energy and aura portraits of people, special places, songs and even the essence of organisations and programmes are a part of the portfolio you can find in the gallery on this website.

‘Creating Freedom’ workshops, organised by EnergiZe but incorporating elements of SuzanA art, are held regularly - offering a unique mix of neuroscience with meditation and art to music.

SuzanA art will be returning to the next wellbeing showcase November 2017. Here is a link to the event website:  https://enfield-wellbeing.me/


SuzanA intuitive, visionary art was invited to showcase energy art works at an event held in London at the prestigious Grand Connaught Rooms as a backdrop to a day’s seminar all about ‘making a difference’.

To complement the theme of the day, paintings were displayed in specific areas and seminar participants reported noticing the impact of the positive energy from the paintings. An atmosphere of harmony and balance was very evident and even during a demonstration of a particular process, it seemed that the painting titled ‘Connection’ (strategically placed behind the individual experiencing the process) played a synergistic role at the time!  The photo below demonstrates this.

SuzanA art can be hired for events such as seminars in the personal development sector, positive mind-set, health and life-transformation.



Thank you for reviewing the SuzanA, Intuitive Visionary Art Portfolio. Please get in touch to find out more.

Croxley Green, UK

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