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Limited Edition (10) Giclee prints.

Size: 54 x 43 cm (measurement to lines incorporating hand-written listing)



There's something about doing a 'de-clutter' that begins to shift energy in ways that can be quite remarkable. This is exactly what instigated this painting - the one that started the whole process of a journey not just into the art world but into a world of discovery, possibility and remarkable change.


And so a poem to complement it:


Let go, let God


"It's time to clear the webs of old,
cleanse the debris, make way, I’m told.
Empty the cup of soured milk
and pour sweetness instead, smooth as silk.

Clear the decks and you’ll find what you seek
in your heart as you connect, let go of the meek.
Let go, let God lead you to the new
for you are love, let the flame grow within you.

You are far greater than you could ever imagine.
Have faith, believe, and it will happen.
Let go, let God show you how,
for you are ready my love, you are ready now."



Ref SA0001A



LIMITED EDITION PRINT - 'Let Go, Let God' - 2016

PriceFrom £145.00
  • Each Limited Edition print comes with its own unique, signed certificate of authenticity.

    Limit on prints is set at only 10.

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