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'Symphony in Bloom'

Medium: Acrylics on Canvas
Size: 100 x 50 cm


Have you ever been at a live concert? Whether classical or modern...offering a plethora of musical movements; colourful and joyful that bring tunes, melodies and harmonies that delight the soul?


This canvas is just full of music... from Melody Gardot, to Nora Jones, to Santana's 'Do you remember me?' to Vivaldi's Four Seasons!

It all started with great splashes of different shades of yellow with a flow of the paint brush that came in waves and felt so freeing.


Let yourself get lost in this meadow of blooms in their symphony.

Let the sun shine upon you, the breeze entice you to twirl and dance through the undulating tones and sweetness of fragrances.

Let yourself be free amidst the swaying of the reeds, the caressing of the petals and the whispers of sweet nothings.


'Symphony in Bloom'

PriceFrom £1,200.00
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