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Limited Edition Canvas prints (100)
Size: A3 -  29.7 x 42.0cm/ 11.69 x 16.53 inches
Ref SA0015A


When my Reiki Master Teacher mentioned that Reiki Symbols could be used in creative ways - reflecting their meaning in shapes and colours as well as drawing them out...I was amazed at how these began to emerge of their own accord with my intentions during Reiki meditation.


Colours of all sorts presented themselves to me, compelling me to put them to canvas - and so the life-force energy worked its magic through my hands and brushes.


'Serenity' is an interpretation of Sei Hei Ki -  the beautiful Reiki symbol for opening dimensions, for mental harmony, balance and emotional healing. As you gaze into and meditate on this painting, simultaneously breathing in and out in slow, deep yet gentle will invoke a healing energy for releasing anxieties, fears, insecurities and imbalances to will bring you calm and relaxation.


Allow the gorgeous shades of blue-green water, foliage and pinks to permeate their healing properties into your being.


When you need a quick break  - listen to the accompanying audio meditation (included with purchase of this Limited Edition print) and notice how a mere 90 seconds of listening and focusing-in, can re-balance you.




"Blue-green water, serene before me, how soft and gentle you appear.

Soothing, rippling, cleansing little sea,

“closer, closer” you say, “I’m here for you my dear”.


“Wash your feet, let the pain subside,

feel the coolness and gentle lapping of the water.”

I accept the invitation and glide

through the sweetness of this soothing portal.


A portal of serenity, bringing peace and love sublime,

blossoms pure, their perfume triggering sweet memory.

Richness of green surrounding this haven of mine,

which I can visit often to reach balance and harmony."

PRINT - 'Serenity' - 2016

  • Each print comes with its own unique, signed Certificiate of Authenticity.

    Limit on number of prints: 100

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