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'Spirit Star'

Limited Edition Giclee prints on artist paper

Only 25 in this size

Size: 42 x 34 cm


Also available as Christmas or Season's Greetings Card


Postage and packaging extra.
Ref SA0028A


Image description:

"The moon was out and I could feel an immense energy coming from the sky. My intention was to paint a beautiful star that represented new life and hope. I could feel myself getting drawn into the energy. Beautiful meditation and energy music (I no longer recall which) filling the conservatory; my ears; my being. I released myself so that I could be guided; I prayed;  I spoke to God; I surrendered and Spirit Star began to emerge. The energy coming through me and transferring to the painting was immense. Beautiful loving energy  - powerful beyond anything I had painted yet. I will never forget this experience.

The infusion of the energy in the original painting goes far beyond. It is noticed via print and even card. Just gaze into it - notice its beauty beyond the picture - feel it."

Limited Edition PRINT - 'Spirit Star' - 2016

PriceFrom £125.00
  • Each print comes with its own unique, signed Certificiate of Authenticity.

    Limit on number of prints: 25

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