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'Snow Spirit'


Unframed £125 (non-sale price)
Medium: Acrylic on black board
Size: 10 x 8 inches / 20.32 x 25.4 cm


Framed: £145 (non-sale price)

Size: 12 x 14.75 / 30.48 x 37.47 cm


Available as a Season's Greetings Card too.


Image Description

A winter snow scene with the spirit in the wind...that’s what came to me as I began this little piece. The vision appeared almost immediately and I just ‘put myself there’ feeling the wind blowing, initially bitterly suddenly felt cold no longer as the light from the big star above shone through, lighting up the rolling hills, touching the edges of the fir trees...the sparkles emerging.

In virtually all of my paintings, you will sense a certain hint of life-force energy and light. As soon as I’m ‘in’ the music I’m listening to, allowing myself into meditative state – the vision emerges intuitively.

ORIGINAL - 'Snow Spirit' 2018

PriceFrom £125.00

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