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'Gold Dust'


Medium: Acrylic on black board
Size: 10 x 8 inches / 20.32 x 25.4 cm

Framed: £105

Size: 12 x 14.75 / 30.48 x 37.47 cm


Christmas Card available in this design


Postage and packaging extra.


Image Description

“The magic’s in the air, I can feel it’s presence – an inner-knowing that something special is about to happen. As I notice this feeling increasing, my eyes catch some sprinkles from the sky – they’re sparkling so very must have something to do with the light of the moon. It feels exciting; there is a stillness like no other. I think it’s starting to snow, yet I don’t see the snow. And then all of a sudden it it real? A tree...a fir tree of gold-dust, glistening, beckoning, whispering.”

These are my thoughts with the creation of this small painting. Acrylic (including metallic gold) on black board – whilst painting there was much hesitation, little breaks of contemplation; recognition; to acknowledge each little development and then the appearance of the tree of gold – which appears not solid because it represents spirit, the magic of this universe.

ORIGINAL - 'Gold Dust' 2018

PriceFrom £75.00

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