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Title: Solaris Rising
- with you I stand in strength


Medium: Acrylics on canvas
Size: 50 x 40cm


At first it was a word: "Sun".
Then: "Speak your truth."
I pondered this - then "stand strong - it's time to rise."


The sun began to emerge in my mind's eye - a strong orangey-yellow representing Solar Plexus... and then the blue - representing Throat Chakra... but striking in its stature...and then I remembered the photo I had saved and knew that this would the one I would work from to bring forth in energy and meaning onto canvas that, which had come to me in heart, mind and soul.


And so it emerged... with hints of pink, representing the Higher Heart Chakra. So here is its message:


"Rise up, stand tall and strong. The fire is within you, let it fuel your desire, let it feed all that is good and pure. Speak your truth through love - let it lead the way."


'Solaris Rising - with you I stand in strength.'

PriceFrom £895.00
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