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Acryllic on canvas

Size: 76 x 50.8 cm

Ref SA0034


Prints to order


Luna Shower
High above me your light shines down;
far and wide illuminating all around;
a beauty like no other lighting my way;
shimmering, glistening, through the night till day.
Whilst clouds may hide you from time to time;
I know you are still there with your glow, so fine.
As seasons come and seasons go,
your face, it continues to smile on me below.
Sometimes eerie, sometimes warm
I know not always what to look for...sometimes forlorn.
I look up again, admiring the hue;
shower me, Luna with your magic sparkles, please do.

ORIGINAL - 'Luna Shower' - 2017

PriceFrom £150.00
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