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Limited Edition print on canvas


Size: 20 x 20 inches / 50 x 50cm

Plus Postage and packing

International shipping will cost extra according to weight. 


Ref SA0043A


Cards available


Description of original painting:

This began as a figurative piece from a photograph taken from a window on the top floor of a beautiful Bed and Breakfast home overlooking the River Seine.

It had been a hot August night - the windows had to be kept open but the curtains closed so as not to let the Bats in. When we awoke in the morning and opened up, we were greeted with this magical scene with the water glistening, fragrance from the fir trees and other bushes around. It was mesmerising. The photo could not possibly do it justice - besides only one window showing...somehow unfinished... so as with all of my paintings... this too 'evolved'. 

Painting to nostalgic French music and getting into a truly meditative state, remembering that magical feeling...that message that there is magic in everything. Life itself, mother nature and the gifts before our very eyes! An opportunity to be drawn to the glint of the river, allowing reflection in all that is, that it may bring sparkle to all that can be. Slowly, slowly, section by section it emerged over a period of weeks.


With the original now in a beautiful Central London home...I offer Limited Edition prints on canvas that resemble the original remarkably well and still give off some of the magical life-force energy!

LIMITED EDITION Print - 'Reflections' - 2017

PriceFrom £125.00
  • Each print comes with its own unique, signed Certificate of Authenticity.

    Limit on number of prints: 50

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