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(Visual interpretation of the song by Bryan Adams)



Acrylic on deep canvas


Size: 60 x 60  cm

Ref SA0022



A beautiful summer's day and I was driving down a local country lane. The air, the sky, the green of the trees were just magical and as I put on the radio, Bryan Adams' 'Cloud No.9' came on. What a perfect addition to create precisely ‘that’ sensation and as I began to sing along, the vision of the painting came to my mind’s eye.


Some time later when back home again, I immediately took my easel, canvas and paints out onto the patio...under the sun umbrella and put the music on. I played that song on repeat with just a few breaks in between – totally engrossed...’flying and landing on Cloud No.9’ until the painting was finished some hours later!


Use it to meditate. Fix your gaze on the cloud, imagine flying to it and landing in its soft and magical form. Lie back and gaze at the stars above you, stand up and look upon the beauty of the world before you. Feel peace, exhilaration. Revitalise.

ORIGINAL - 'Cloud No.9' - 2016

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