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Title: 'Blossom'
Medium: Acrylics on canvas
Size: 55 x 45 x 4.5 cm



Description: Hope...Perseverance... Tenacity...Faith... in yourself... are they not all signs of self-love?

Especially when life is dealing ‘cards’ that are truly challenging.


When I think of times of deepest hurt and pain... I acknowledge that these helped me to grow and reach new levels of understanding and consciousness. That doesn’t mean to say I didn’t cry...




I know not why,

that when life hurts,

I cannot write, instead I cry.

It seems the words, they hide from me

that my emotions with tears can be set free.

Yet that is not enough to release all,

the confusion, the sorrow, heartfelt pain

What is it that beckons, that calls

and leads me to let go, resolve again?

An expression of colour at the tip of my brush

in curious, yet revealing contours and contrasts, my emotions they hush.


They calm and soften, a lightness emerges

no longer weighed down by the heavy waters.

The light it more than flickers now

to draw the truth back out, to again allow

my burst of colour to break out and defy

the dark, the hurt, that I may reach to the sky.


I taste the sweetness of the air

breathe deeply, acknowledge what was, that I may share,

a joyful new array of shades

petals softly blossom brightly, in cheerful display.

What lies beneath holds me strong

with roots reaching deep from a lifetime long

not to be disregarded in any way

each telling its story, a foundation lay,

that I may rise, grow tall again,

blossom with new colours, with love and play.


“Blossom my love” Spirit calls,

“blossom through, gain strength through the pitfalls.

It is but life in its rollercoaster run

again and again you will return to the fun.

Each time stronger, wiser, anew;

flourish my love, rejoice, blossom out of the blue.”


Poem by Susanne Wiechert


An original painting by SuzanA intuitive, visionary art





PriceFrom £695.00
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