A selection of images from original art by SuzanA (Susanne Wiechert) with each month carefully chosen to bring a flow of positive progression for the year ahead.


Front Cover: 'Light of the World' - this image comes with a message of love, light and peace for the world.


Jan: 'Winter Spirit' - let sparkles emerge from the glistening snow, to see cold and stark conditions in a different light...allowing that 'silver lining' to reveal itself.

Feb - 'Moon  Dance' - here's an invitation to let a little magic into your life. 'By the light of the Moon'...let your imagination take you on a journey of music and dance.

Mar - 'Midnight Whirl' - an energy, whirling through with light - reminding us that lifeforce energy is ever present and can reveal itself in mystical ways.

Apr - 'Say Something' - a message of love for what has come and gone and about welcoming the new...an open door through the heart, embracing the light within, the light created in unity and the light at the end of the tunnel.

May - 'Natural Reflection' ...connect with nature and you connect with your soul.

Jun - Let go, Let God - release...'hand things over' and stop trying to control everything. Allow yourself some space and let things 'happen'.

Jul - 'Angelic Realm' - Angels are all around us and are always ready to assist. When you need guidance and help, just call upon them.
Aug - 'Glow' - isn't it time to feel some joy? Recall a time of happiness and excitement, put yourself right there - now let that feeling light you up from the inside out. You can do that any time you wish.

Sep - 'Sacred Presence' - this interpretation of Machu Picchu is a reminder to take the time to meditate, open your heart and feel your  connection with the divine.

Oct - 'Reflections' - there is magic in everything. An opportunity to be drawn to the glint of the river, allowing reflection in all that is, that it may bring sparkle to all that can be

Nov - 'Listening to Abraham' - a message that life is full of ebb and flow and to ride the waves that bring you peace and joy.

Dec - 'Christmas Tree Shine' - when the moment is right, the light of love will illuminate all that is good.






SuzanA Intuitive, Visionary Art Calendar 2022