A selection of images from original art and poetry by SuzanA (Susanne Wiechert) with each month carefully chosen to bring a flow of positive progression for the year ahead.


Jan - Awaken...this image has a story through a poem that is attached to the corresponding painting and greetings card. It's about standing up tall, having presence amidst all that is and absorbing the rejuvenating light that is shining down upon it.

Feb - Night Star, Shine is for gaining clarity on one's own desire. It's a short poem:
"As I gaze at you , oh beautiful moon,
I feel your radiance and your power
shining upon me and through to my core,
I am mindful of my inner desire.
Drinking each moment 
so precious and pure
I see myself in new light,
No longer obscure."

Mar - Forever giving is about abundance ...the abundance that our beautiful Earth provides all the time for us and in the concept of giving and receiving.

Apr - And then there was light.... this month is about re-birth - new life!

May - Flowing River, Rise - Growth...excitement...things happening

Jun - Let go, Let God - release...'hand things over' and stop trying to control everything. Allow yourself some space and let things 'happen'

Jul - Beautiful Life poem - on background of 'Happy' painting.
Aug - Andalucian Night -  All about hot August nights that 'holiday feeling' and soaking it up.

Sep - Angel Flower - Last of the summer and Angel shows us more beauty

Oct - Aztec Glow - Seasons are now changing but the sunsets still feed our soul

Nov - Through the looking glass I heal - This month is one that many dread going into the winter, so this poem and picture are for nurture, appreciation and belief in self. 

Dec - Path to sacred light


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Please get in touch with artist by emailing info@suzanatai.com to specify order preferences or to ask any questions.



SuzanA Intuitive, Visionary Art Calendar 2021

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