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‘Light of the World’
Original: Unframed
Medium: Acrylics on Canvas
Size: 50 x 50 cm



Here is a painting that had been ‘calling’ me for some weeks in the run up to Christmas that year. I knew all along what the title was going to be but didn’t know much more until I had a vision on the 22nd December, in which the doves appeared.


Five days later, I finally had the time to ‘release’ it onto canvas. The energy I felt throughout was truly divine. Painting intuitively I began from the bottom upwards with a few blobs of black, painters grey and indigo blue acrylic paints...I then used only white in combination with my fingers and paint brushes to funnel the light that in representation was to release hundreds upon thousands of doves to bring light and peace on Earth.


“...the birth of peace and acceptance... from darkness we nourish and set ourselves free... a sense of trust and truth...” is the message and energy that a dear friend described when she saw the painting.


For me, this absolutely conveys the intended message of what I felt during this creation but perhaps you will see and feel something different. Regardless...I hope it will invoke good feelings in you.




ORIGINAL - 'Light of the World' - SOLD


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