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'Gateway to Love'

- in three parts


Part 1 of 3

Medium: Acrylic on canvas
Three Canvases Size: 30 x 30 cm - to form one picture


Sometimes it is a piece of music that stirs something within the heart... sometimes a scenery that is so awe inspiring, it creates a connection with the divine.
Other times it may be a person that we feel deeply in love with... or a feeling that comes from deep within that is a love for life itself...born of gratitude ...that opens the heart and connects with unity consciousness.
It is this latter feeling that was the first to emerge in this painting... the centre of the gateway... guided by the spirit of love... heart itself is what first began to appear. Feeling compelled to let it emerge all of its own accord. .. drawn to this life-force energy not knowing from whence it came.


It comes with a message to follow through... follow the light of love for true love is pure, true love is magical and mystical. True love is always the answer.



ORIGINAL - 'Gateway to Love ' 3 of 3 - 2021

PriceFrom £750.00

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