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Medium: Acrylics on Canvas
Size: 30 x 30 cm


How amazing it is that when you just surrender to the energy and the calling within you, what emerges is often so very different to what you originally intended or thought might come about.


This painting is one of those. All I knew was that I was going to the canvas with an intent of expressing love and my initial thoughts were to begin painting with traditionally known colours that represent love...reds, pinks, white - however, after doing a whitewash of the canvas, my hand reached for Persian Blue, Magenta and black!


Initially a blob in the centre and from there it began - creating water and I could feel the motion and the emotion within me that this was about rising...rising despite barriers, rising despite blocks, whether self-inflicted or inflicted by others.

This flowing river had to rise - to expand, almost like a sea - to show that it would continue to flow and rise to maintain its own freedom, its own expression, its own mark. In the flow...cleansing; purifying; a dance-like expectancy; love.


Universal life-force energy interwoven through the waves and the ripples emitting a sense of 'yes, I can relax and flow ...I can rise and be'.

ORIGINAL - 'Flowing River, Rise' 2020

PriceFrom £325.00
  • Prints come with their own unique, signed Certificate of Authenticity.

    Limit on number of prints: 50

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